Writing as a powerful design tool

Bruno Rigolino on

I love writing. For me, writing is a powerful design tool. But it should be more than that.

I’m comfortable writing in the design process: making abstract design concepts into tangible narratives, interface drafts, and “written sketches.”

When writing is the final product, I struggle to hit “publish.” I worry if it is not good enough if the prose is too “sketchy.” Publishing online is still a challenge for me. That’s why I decided to practice it with the help of a community and joined Ship 30 for 30.

I’m on a “lifelong designing” journey. I’ve been designing from industrial goods to digital platforms. This design journey has been the fuel for my "lifelong learning" practice, and I’m learning a lot. So I want to share some perspectives on building design expertise and being a designer-founder bootstrapping startups.

By publishing more, I hope writing becomes more than a design tool for me and turns into a habit to share my experience and perspective, creating opportunities to dialogue and learn from other creators.