3 reasons to have a professional website (and not rely only on social media profiles)

Bruno Rigolino on

Having an online presence is critical to developing a successful career or business.

There are two main ways to establish an online presence: creating social media profiles and having a professional website. Both have pros and cons. The best way is to combine them.

Here are three advantages of having a professional website:

#1 Custom domain

Unlike social networks – which sometimes cease to exist, change the rules, and control how your profile is displayed – your professional website is in your hands and under your control.

A professional website is the best way to have a custom domain associated with your name.

A custom domain allows people to find you at the same web address, even if you modify your site, make a new one, or change providers.

#2 Content centralization

Your professional website allows you to centralize links to your social media profiles and your best content. This helps you to keep everything organized and makes it easier for you to introduce yourself.

Your website also serves as a content repository under your control, which allows you to jump ahead when a new social network emerges and take advantage of new career opportunities. This saves time you would spend collecting your content across third-party platforms and websites.

#3 Marketing possibilities

Every career and every business needs marketing.

If you invest in your career, you’re probably dedicating some time to personal marketing and networking.

If you are an entrepreneur, you know the importance and power of combining different marketing strategies to grow your business.

A professional website allows prospects to find your content through search engines and know about your unique professional practice without social media distractions.