3 things to remember when switching autonomous vehicle plans or providers

Bruno Rigolino on

You already made your new year’s resolutions.

Like most people in 2031, you probably have some items that would benefit from saving money and investing more.

To help you with one of the most significant expenses in the family budget, we listed three features you should check when choosing a new mobility provider or switching plans.

#1 Vehicle types

Providers have street, air, and underground operations in most big cities. Depending on your routine, having at least two options is critical to worry-free commutes.

But if you can plan appointments outside the rush hours or live in a smaller city, you probably don’t need a full-fleet plan with unlimited street and air mileage.

Another good tip is to combine individual and collective vehicle types in different categories. For example: if you use less air transport, you can save money removing one-person air vehicles from your plan.

#2 Mileage and Coverage Area

If you don’t travel much, you can opt for an unlimited mileage plan with more comfortable vehicles but restricted coverage areas.

Depending on which state you live in, the regulation requires providers to allow you to use part of your mileage credit in other locations for one or two days a month.

#3 Family plans

If you have kids, choosing a plan with kids-only collective street and air vehicles is the best option. Although most schools have some classes through VR throughout the week, the in-school social and sports activities will require children to commute.

It’s cheaper to have kids-only vehicles than letting them go alone in a one-person model. Besides that, some providers don’t allow kids under 13 to commute alone, and most charge an extra safety and priority fee when this happens.

Another option that is becoming more popular is the “neighborhood autonomous mobility clubs,” which can be reliable and affordable in some areas.

Either way is cheaper than owning vehicles.

With some luck and budget optimization, 2031 is going to be the year you save more money, take your family to a Moon resort and start investing in some Mars’ assets.

* This is just some design fiction :)