What writing and sailboats have in common?

Bruno Rigolino on

Today I almost fell out of the boat.

After 14 days of writing every day, today, I almost skipped publishing. As someone sailing in open waters, I had to face an unpredicted event.

I see Ship 30 for 30 more as a sailing vessel than a cargo ship.

A sailing vessel is a calm machine. It’s slow, but it can sail around the world almost with no stops. It's not a big and heavy vessel with thousands of words, but an efficient, compact, and intelligent way to keep writing every day.

In a sailboat, it’s better to adapt courses instead of fight heavy weather. But, because it has inside everything you need to keep going, it enables occupants to face external factors safely.

Sailboats are habit machines.

To keep sailing, its occupants must commit to maintenance, cleaning, navigating, being aware of surroundings, learning, and changing routes. To keep going, the habit is more important than a goal.

Today, when the wave hit my writing time, I had to change course subject. I had to adapt and try different waters. But I’m still sailing. And writing.