What I think helped social media becomes so embedded in our society? (And how that same factor affects remote work)

Bruno Rigolino on

Writing is probably the most potent human invention.

It made possible ideas travel time and space. Writing removed the barriers of live conversation. It created asynchronous communication.

Async communication is critical to social media.

This communication mode allows people to post something when inspiration strikes or a unique moment happens. Async communication enables an individual to interact when they can and want. It adapts to people’s time.

People built entire virtual communities without any in-person or real-time communication. Although features like Twitter’s Spaces are becoming popular, most content and conversations still occur in async mode.

Async communication is a crucial element to effective and calm remote work.

When remote work is becoming not only necessary but popular, async communication is gaining more relevance. People will need to become better at evaluating situations to choose the best communication mode and sharpen writing and on-camera skills.

The great thing about async communication is that it enables people from diverse parts of the world to connect.

By connecting through async social media, people learned (and laughed) together. By connecting through async remote work, people can build more diverse, productive, and creative companies together.