Imagine people who inspire you. Would you like to know the tools they use?

Bruno Rigolino on

My father has many toolboxes. When I was a kid, he wouldn’t allow me to play with his tools for safety reasons. So, when he would fix something, I would get excited to help because I could discover what curious artifacts were inside his different toolboxes.

Sometimes I see people sharing their Twitter, writing, and designing stacks. They usually get a like from me. I find it interesting and helpful to hear about what tools other creators use and how they combine them.

So here’s a question for you: would you share your [writing, designing, reading...] tools to know what’s inside of other people’s toolboxes?

I would.

To get it started, here are some tools I use to design a logo for a new project:

  • Pen & paper for initial sketches
  • Figma for collecting references and testing concepts on interface contexts (most of my projects nowadays are web/mobile)
  • Rhino3D for vectors (has better precision than most vector apps and unique tools to experiment with perspectives, bends, twists, generative patterns, etc.)
  • Affinity Designer or Figma for final touches and creating production files

What tools are you using for writing, discovering communities, having ideas…