A friend is facing a creative block. Here's what I suggested to him.

Bruno Rigolino on

Today, one of the most creative persons I know told me he is unsure what to create next.

My friend is a multifaceted creator – a mix of an artist and engineer.

Trying to help, I shared how I do my curating process and explained some creative exercises I had to do during design school, which can be helpful to unlock creativity.

After our conversation on design and art processes, he asked me to read a short text he wrote about how he remembered being a creative kid.

After reading his text, I got some insight: “Hey, you should try to write a retrospective about your history as a creative person, putting in perspective the different phases, the project types you were involved with and what was happening in your life during that time. Maybe this can help you figure out what to do next."

He got excited with by idea. And I kept thinking that I’ve made many portfolios, but I’ve never written a narrative in retrospective about my creative journey. That’s something to do next.