How I like to evaluate online courses I take (and why Ship 30 for 30 is great)

Bruno Rigolino on

As a designer, I’m used to seeing things in layers. An image can have many graphical layers, while a course can have more abstract ones. To evaluate the courses I take, I like to think about them considering three layers:

  • content quality
  • format and material
  • overall learning experience

Here are my thoughts about Ship 30 for 30:

I enjoyed the course content. It’s helpful and instrumental. Most frameworks, concepts, and approaches you can apply instantly and see the results in your writing.

The format has interesting features. It balances async and real-time interaction: you can dig into the videos and articles available on the platform and engage in live sessions and Slack channels. It also has an intense schedule, which I think can be a little overwhelming, but helps to keep you writing and shipping every day.

I think the learning experience is unique because of 2 elements: first, the course is about learning by creating (or writing) atomic essays, which can be an easy and challenging format at the same time. The second element is the community. Ship 30 for 30 has a helpful and participative community, which is essential to receive feedback and keep shipping.