How can product designers improve their writing?

Bruno Rigolino on

Practicing a skill is easier when you embed it in your work routine.

If you are a designer, you are probably comfortable sketching ideas because you do that all the time. So, why not improve your writing skills while designing?

Here are 5 things you can do to start:

1. Stop using “Lorem ipsum” as a filler and start writing the real thing. Besides practicing writing, you will improve the design quality because you will work with content much closer to the final copy.

2. Start writing interfaces with Html and CSS. Once you get comfortable with it, the code editor and markup constraints will help you use actual info instead of “lorem ipsum.” Bonus: it will also help you to create better design handoffs and prototypes.

3. Document design decisions. Writing your design decisions as arguments is going to help in two dimensions: i) improving your ability to organize ideas and explain them for team members and stakeholders; ii) improving deliverables quality, especially handoff artifacts for developers and product managers.

4. Read non-design-related books and more design-related papers. This will help you to broaden your repertoire and improve your design discourse.

5. Write your ideas. Besides sketching concepts, try to show them in context by writing a short story where a character is using the product.