3 mistakes people with no design or web dev background usually make when creating their professional website

Bruno Rigolino on

It was never so easy to create a professional website.

Buying a custom domain is affordable, and building a site with no-code tools doesn’t require learning programming languages.

But many people still don’t have a professional website yet and ended up relying only on social media profiles.

Here are 3 mistakes people with no design or web-development background usually make when creating a website:

#1 Picking the wrong tool. Unless you need a complex, multipage website, you should choose the most straightforward platform you can. To do that, use a tool that makes you less anxious about what options and templates to choose, and keep in mind that you only need to show the essential info about your professional practice.

#2 Skipping the curating process. To fix it, select from your experience the best stories and cases and format than on a focused one-page website. It will fit. People will read and will want to know more.

#3 Forgetting to update. Fixing this one is easy when you use a simple tool and have curated the content. I like to think a professional website is like an office: if you do maintenance and always try to make it more comfortable and appealing for your clients, they will keep coming back.

Trying to delegate every aspect of building your professional website and expecting the first version to be perfect is what I believe prevents people from having it done.

So instead, my suggestion is to create a good enough first version that centralizes links for your social media profiles and content. It will help start collecting feedback to continually improve the site (as you probably do with your Twitter and Linkedin accounts).