Petx's logo on a purple background with a poodle (dog) running on the right side

The problem

Our client, a partnership between two veterinarian clinics, reported that their veterinarians, who are specialized in x-ray and ultrasound analysis, were spending too much time with boilerplate info and ticket management, making the process chaotic and slow.

The solution

We created Petx*, a medical report management software that transformed a one-hour-long process into a twenty-minute one, considering the time spent with boilerplate info and ticket management.

The web app has management tools to help veterinarians analyze x-ray and ultra-sound images and write the medical report without leaving the platform, reducing the overload and risk of copying and pasting boilerplate info among different software.


The challenge was understanding the process and the roles of veterinarians, x-ray/ultrasound technicians, and their clients to create valuable tools to make the work more efficient and faster.

After we understood the process, we created a technical proposal considering their context and available budget to deliver the first MVP within less than two months.

UI Highlights

An INDEX of clinics using a card oriented layout.
An INDEX of clinics using a card oriented layout.
The list of tickets (solicited analysis).
The list of tickets (solicited analysis).
The dashboard with main indicators and a bar chart.
The dashboard with main indicators and a bar chart.


Our strategy proved successful because the client could address the main problem with the MVP, which allowed business growth and platform evolution.

After the first release, the client kept investing in the product so that we could create additional features, including more user profiles, dashboards, and a reporting tool.

Super thoughtful, experienced, and competent. They meet deadlines and offer a high-quality product, in addition to providing fast and accurate support. They created a system that met all my needs and my company's, resulting in productivity increase and financial return. I recommend them to everyone.
– Maíra Clemente, businesswoman
They offer excellent service, clever ideas, fast delivery, and professional attention. Creating solutions and technologies for my company with Lefty Ventures increased my productivity and dynamics, taking my business to another professional level. I have to thank you.
– Teresa Carneiro, businesswoman


December 2020 to October 2021


In production


Lefty Ventures


Two veterinarian clinics

Main role

Solo product designer


  • Process Design
  • Project management
  • Product Design (from wireframes to high fidelity prototypes using Figma)