Projects at Lefty Ventures

As a cofounder I was responsible for every design aspect of our and clients' bootstrapped products, conducing the whole process: from discovery, concept design, prototyping, usability evaluation, handoff and product management. I used a design-driven approach to balance business needs and user experience, within tidy budgets.

Profilable's logo on an dark blue background with blurred website screenshots pattern


Profilable is a platform to help solo entrepreneurs, freelancers, and autonomous professionals create a really good website, skipping the learning curve of complex drag-n-drop tools, and the technical decisions related to infrastructure, SEO, user interface, etc.

Petx's logo on a purple background with a poodle (dog) running on the right side


Petx is a medical report management software created to transform a one-hour-long process into a twenty-minute one. It has management tools to help veterinarians analyze x-ray and ultra-sound images and write the medical report without leaving the platform or copying and pasting boilerplate info.

Traz Felicidade's logo on an orange background with a emoji-like smile pattern.

Traz Felicidade

Traz Felicidade (which can be translated from Portuguese to something like "Bringing Happiness") is a startup that makes it easier and more meaningful for people to receive cash as wedding and birthday gifts – it's only available in Brazil for now.

Estilinga's logo on a blue background with blurred interface components around


Estilinga is a platform where bootstrapped entrepreneurs, product designers, and developers can launch their side projects and independent startups to receive feedback, upvotes and find their first users. It's the only platform of its kind in Brazil (as far as I know).