I believe Design is an essential and strategic role in any organization where innovation, creativity, and sustainable growth are desired and valued.

I've been designing —artifacts ranging from backpacks to complex digital platforms— since 2011. In the last years, I've been involved in a series of design and technology projects related to social innovation and public policies, as well as digital products and startups. Nowadays, my work at Lefty Ventures is focused on the intersection between product design, entrepreneurship, and business strategy.

I’m keen on contributing to design education: 
  • by helping non-designers better understand and explore the design field; 
  • by mentoring designers (in topics such as product design, human-centered and UX design, design strategy, and design leadership); 
  • and by sharing my experience with design students.

Current Projects

Profilable is a platform to help solo entrepreneurs and autonomous professionals create a really good website, skipping the learning curve of complex drag-n-drop tools, and the technical decisions related to infrastructure, SEO, user interface, etc.

Traz Felicidade
Traz Felicidade (which can be translated from Portuguese to something like “Bringing Happiness”), a startup to make it easier for people to receive money as wedding and birthday gifts – only available in Brazil for now.


I'm shipping 30 atomic essays for 30 days on Twitter
I've just relaunched a:visited, where I collect worth visiting links on designing and building bootstrapped startups.