A friend asked me a question that made me sit and write to think. Here's what I answered

Hey Bruno, send me an audio message later sharing the main lessons you've learned from your entrepreneurial journey so far.


[PT-BR] Mostre-me um projeto sem documentação e eu te mostrarei o caos 😅

Por isso, decidi compartilhar 3 práticas que me ajudam na hora de documentar projetos e produtos...



How I like to evaluate online courses I take (and why Ship 30 for 30 is great)

As a designer, I'm used to seeing things in layers. An image can have many graphical layers, while a course can have more abstract ones. To evaluate the courses I take, I like to think about them considering three layers.


What I learned about strategy after losing many Age of Empires II battles

Do you want to practice strategy? Play Age of Empires II (AoE) with someone very good at it. I've been doing it from time to time since last year and, although I lost every single battle so far, I learned strategy is more like a verb than a noun.


My father's tactic to be a life-long inventor

Some months ago, my father, a 60-year-old guy, started to learn the python programming language, bought some Arduino boards, and repurposed an old CNC machine into a 3d printer.


Do you know what Design Thinking is? Here are 2 references to stretch your understanding of it

Design Thinking is a popular and, sometimes, controversial topic in the design community.


3 core elements to a good strategy (and how they relate to a strategic design practice)

What’s a good strategy? Design is increasingly extending its reach to more strategic roles. So a few years ago, when I was leading the design practice of a technology consultancy company, I took some time to improve my strategy repertoire and answer that question.


One lesson I learned from a drummer on unlocking creativity

My best friend is a professional musician and producer. Today, he’s among the ten most creative and talented people I know. But he taught me a helpful lesson when we were kids, and he was still learning how to play.


A friend is facing a creative block. Here's what I suggested to him.

Today, one of the most creative persons I know told me he is unsure what to create next. Here's what I suggested to him.


Imagine people who inspire you. Would you like to know the tools they use?

Sometimes I see people sharing their Twitter, writing, and designing stacks. They usually get a like from me. I find it interesting and helpful to hear about what tools other creators are using and how they combine them.


How I use a design mindset to help me build good habits

Habits are decisive actions. They have a similar effect as compound interest: good habits leverage exponential value, bad habits lead to problems.


The best learning strategy I’ve found so far (and one tactic I’m using)

I’ve been designing for the last ten years. One lesson I can share from those years is that the best learning strategy I have found so far is making things. Creating any artifact that works to make knowledge applicable and shareable is how I’ve been learning in my life-long designing journey.


15 practical lessons I learned watching a YouTube channel on sailing (without owning a boat)

I like calm clever machines like sailboats. They are efficient and paradoxical: they can be simple from one perspective but complex from another; they can be the slowest way to travel an ocean but can be the fastest if you call one of them home. Here is what I learned after watching videos by people who live in sailboats.


How I'm organizing my plain text notes (and what do Lego bricks have to do with it)

I don't organize all my plain text notes. I've tried methods to keeping everything meticulously indexed and categorized. But I realized that my plain text notes are like Lego bricks. I've been playing with Lego bricks since I was four.


3 simple habits that help me have and keep ideas

I have ideas all the time. Having ideas all the time is good. But only if you can keep them. To save ideas for later, you need to prepare yourself. Here are three simple habits I have.


What I think helped social media becomes so embedded in our society? (And how that same factor affects remote work)

Writing is probably the most potent human invention. It made possible ideas travel time and space. Writing removed the barriers of live conversation. It created asynchronous communication.


What writing and sailboats have in common?

Today I almost fell out of the boat. After 14 days of writing every day, today, I almost skipped publishing. As someone sailing in open waters, I had to face an unpredicted event.


3 things to remember when switching autonomous vehicle plans or providers

You already made your new year's resolutions. Like most people in 2031, you probably have some items that would benefit from saving money and investing more.


3 reasons to have a professional website (and not rely only on social media profiles)

Having an online presence is critical to developing a successful career or business. There are two main ways to establish an online presence: creating social media profiles and having a professional website. Both have pros and cons. The best way is to combine them.


3 design skills to help you in daily situations (even if you don't consider yourself a creative person)

Some disciplines, like Physics, Philosophy... and Design, helps people see the world through insightful lenses. Learning some design skills can help you see the world from different perspectives and also create new ones. Here are three design skills you can learn and use in daily situations.


How I'm using Jamstack as a prototyping platform (and 3 lessons I learned so far)

Prototypes are an essential artifact in the design process. They help visualize how the final product will look like and validate decisions before they get implemented.


3 lessons I learned after writing and publishing 10 atomic essays 10 days in a row

I've been writing atomic essays with around 250 words each and hitting the publish button every day for the last 10 days. It gave me almost all the Twitter followers I have, helpful feedback, and at least 3 lessons.


One lesson digital product designers can learn from industrial designers to create better prototypes

One of the tools we had to become proficient as industrial design students was 3D CAD (Computer-Aided Design) modeling. One reason is that CAD is the common language among designers, engineers, and manufacturing technicians. So, what's the equivalent of CAD for digital product designers?


3 mistakes people with no design or web dev background usually make when creating their professional website

It was never so easy for a person to create a professional website. Buying a custom domain is very affordable, and building an effective site with no-code tools doesn't require learning programming languages. But many people still don't have a website yet and ended up relying only on social media profiles.


How to be more creative? Do side projects

In my perspective, side projects sit at the intersection between hobby and work. Because of that, side projects balance having fun, learning, and creating new possibilities.


I started my first "company" when I was 19. Here's what happened

When I was 19, after one and half years of law school, I realized that I should have been studying something different. So, after giving it a lot of thought, I went all-in in architecture: I started college again and opened a 3D visualization studio. The "studio" was me in a bedroom.


How to practice "being present at the moment"? Fly a sailplane

Sailplanes have a calm design. They fly only with a clever combination of atmospheric conditions and aerodynamics. Because we are always going down and we don't have an engine, all we can do is enjoy the flight.


How can product designers improve their writing?

Practicing a skill is easier when you embed it in your routine and work. If you are a designer, you are probably comfortable sketching ideas because you do that all the time. So, why not improve your writing skills while designing?


What one needs to build design expertise?

Time is crucial to building design expertise because two of the most critical aspects of building it are time-constrained: practice and curating a repertoire.


3 design practices you can apply in your life (even if you are not a designer)

All lifestyles have particular practices. Learning about different lifestyle practices can help us architect our routines and find different perspectives to look at daily situations. Here are three Design practices you can apply in your life.


Writing as a powerful design tool

I love writing. For me, writing is a powerful design tool. But it should be more than that.


Interested in Design and Bootstrapped Startups?

During the last ten years I’ve been designing artifacts ranging from backpacks to complex digital platforms, and startups. I’ve been learning a lot and I’m keen to share my experience. As part of Ship 30 for 30, I will be writing an atomic essay for the next 30 days.