These are notes I take about things to explore further. Ideally, an atomic essay, a side project, or a class starts as a note here. This practice is inspired by the "building and learning in public" movement.

Product Designers into Rails

I searched “rails for designers” on Google and found this post by Jonas Downey on the legacy 37Signals blog: “Learning Rails made me a better designer”.

I am wondering how other designers are using RoR as a prototyping tool.

Maybe write about my experience learning and tinkering with Rails and Jekyll as prototyping tools for web apps.

How my site works

Reading those two pieces by Brian Lovin’s “How my website works” and “Reasons you aren’t updating your personal site” inspired me to recreate my website.

Idea for an atomic essay:

  • Explain how I’m doing it
  • Give further references
  • Connect to ‘learning in public’
4 Types of luck

(to read more about it later)

In the episode 53 of Metamuse podcast, swyx talk about the four kinds of luck:

  • Accidental Luck
  • Active Luck
  • Prepared Luck
  • Magnetic Luck

These kinds of luck relates to the concept of “Luck surface area.”